the sweet fruits from date palm trees

If you want to live a long, happy and healthy life...

If You Eat Dates Everyday, This Is What Happens To Your Body…

Energy Boost

& a healthy post-workout option

Lower Cholesterol


Neuroprotective Properties

prevent nerve damage in diabetics

Digestive Health

& thus improve colon and bowel health

Improved Memory

& Alzheimer’s Disease Prevention

Easier Childbirth

& even ease labor.

"Made in Nature"

What we read in History

They’re soft, sweet and scientifically proven to do wonders for your health. Loaded with vitamins and minerals, this superfood does everything from strengthening bones to improving heart health. It’s no wonder why they’re historically hailed as the Prophet’s Muhammad (peace be upon him) favorite dates and why Mariam (Virgin Mary) ate them during labor pains! Indulge today in a box of this dark, rich goodness and reap all the major health benefits. You’ll be so happy you did,

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of the RDI .. Potassium
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of the RDI .. Magnesium
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of the RDI .. Copper
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of the RDI .. Manganese

How Dates are Grown?

The date palm can live to about 100 years or even more, reaching a height between 15 to 30 m. while its green leaves extend in length between 3 –…

What do you know about Ajwa Dates?

According to traditional beliefs of the local Arabs, ajwa dates are considered to be heavenly fruits that do offer people with innumerable health benefits. It is said that the person…

Where do date palm Come from?

Date Palm’s exact origin is known to have lost in Antiquity. But cultivation of this wonderful fruit is stated to be around 4,000 B.C., right from the time of its…

Articles about Dates


How Many Dates To Eat Per Day?

While it is true that dates taste absolutely sweet and delicious, eating dates in moderation is essential because excess consumption can lead to overweight.

You can avail the best health benefits of eating dates in the morning if you consume 3-7 dates per day.

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