What do you know about Ajwa Dates?

According to traditional beliefs of the local Arabs, ajwa dates are considered to be heavenly fruits that do offer people with innumerable health benefits. It is said that the person who consumes 7 dates of this type early morning is likely to be safeguarded from black magic or poison.


This date is regarded to be grown in Medina, Saudi Arabia. Also, it is found in the other desert regions which are said to have imported this fruit and have attempted cultivation. But it is in Medina that the dates’ purest form can be found.

About the fruit

It is a little black fruit having white lines in them, coming with subtle sweetness and distinctive flavor. Few of the healing properties and medicinal benefits of this fruit are anti-diabetic, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, cardiotonic, antioxidant, laxative and galactogogue. Hence, it has earned the title ‘king of dates’.

For analyzing its effectiveness on various health conditions and ailments, extensive researches are being conducted.

The Ajwa date is also specifically mentioned by the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and as such, Muslims take it as having these benefits:

  1. The Messenger (Sallallaahu Álayhi Wasallam) said, “Whoever has seven Ajwa dates every morning he will not be harmed on that day by poison or magic.” Sahih al-Bukhari (5445) (5768) (5769) (5779).
  1. The Messenger (Sallallaahu Álayhi Wasallam) said, “Ajwa dates are from paradise and they are healing for possession.” Sunan Ibn Majah Vol. 1, Book 31, Hadith 3453and Tirmidhee (2068) classed as hasan Saheeh and it was authenticated by Shaikh al-Albaani
  1. The Messenger (Sallallaahu Álayhi Wasallam) said, “Whoever has seven dates between the two areas (the east and west of Madina) as soon as he wakes up every morning, he will not be harmed on that day by poison and magic until the evening.” Sahih Muslim 2047 ( Book 23, Hadith 5080).
  1. A’isha reported Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: “The ‘ajwa’ dates of ‘Aliya’ contain healing effects and these are an antidote in the early morning.” Sahih Muslim 2048 (Book #023, Hadith #5083).

Benefits of ajwa dates

This type of date has proved to be useful for enriching breastfeeding and fetal development including development of fetus bones, because of its rich calcium content. During childbirth, pregnant women are to consume ajwa fruit, since it helps in smooth contraction of uterine muscles, thereby promoting easy delivery. Moreover, this fruit is a wonderful herbal medication for treating anemia. This is not just because of iron levels in blood being escalated, but also to produce red blood cells.
Also, when consumed regularly, it helps the unwanted and harmful toxins present inside the body to be eliminated and help the digestive system to be in good shape. It also assists in countering diarrhea and works as laxative for those who have been suffering from constipation. It has the capability to have the immune system strengthened, while balancing blood sugar. Besides regulating cholesterol, it tends to reduce elevated blood pressure. This fruit according to the health experts is found to be very much effective towards preventing gain in weight and countering obesity. At the same time, it does possess miraculous abilities, since it can effectively increase weight among those people who are trying to gain weight.

Although there are plenty of dates being sold in the market that are being claimed to improve vitality and sexual stamina, the ajwa, specifically helps in taking care of sexual related issues such as infertility. Both the liver and the kidneys are benefitted immensely from this fruit, as it helps to promote proper urine flow. Also, it has been found to be a wonderful antidote for those consuming alcohol.

How to consume this fruit and enjoy its beneficial properties

Irrespective of how the dates fruit is sliced, its healing properties do work on all parts of the human body. One should take 7 dates of this type with glass of milk in the morning, which forms a full-fledged balanced meal. Alternatively, the person can have 7 ajwa fruit soaked in glass of water for about 12 hours. He/she can en joy consuming it after taking heavy meals in the form of laxative and digestive.

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